چگونه با همسر خود رفتار کنیم؟
چگونه با همسر خود رفتار کنیم؟
نگارش در تاريخ یکشنبه بیست و دوم شهریور 1388 توسط مهدي

So you've finally landed the big date. This is it. This is the woman you've been wanting to take out for six months. This is the woman you think is going to be with you on the road to boyfriendhood. You don't want to screw it up. You want to impress her so much that she wants a second date, a third date -- and much more -- with you.
I'm about to give you six easy things you can (and should) do to impress a woman on a date. As you will see, none of these six things involves picking out the right food or the right restaurant.
1. Show your creativity. What do you know about this woman you want to impress? What are her likes and dislikes? In order to plan a great date, it has to be something that really interests her. A lot of guys do the standard "take her out to dinner" thing and just hope for the best. That's just not the right way to do it. You need to think outside the dinner box, and show her you thought about her when you planned this date.
2. Have a plan. Nothing turns a woman off more than when you call her and ask her what she wants to do on a date. As a man, you need to be a leader. Women like strong, confident men. Women like men who make a plan. It's about knowing what she likes. It's called listening. If you like her, you will know what at least some of those things are because you've been listening to what she's had to say.
3. Activity dates are great. When you plan your date, do something where you can challenge each other and have fun. Go bowling. Play miniature golf. Go to one of those pottery places where you can paint a mug. Take your dogs for a walk. Go get some ice cream. Take a walk around a lake. Do something that's casual, fun, and no pressure. The problem with going out to dinner is that it can feel very high-pressure. You are sitting across from each other with nothing to do but watch each other chew and swap resumes. Do something more fun than that -- the more child-like the activity the better. Activity dates give you lots of easy conversation topics.
4. Have no expectations. Even though you are so excited to be out with this woman, you really don't know who she is yet, so why set high expectations? When you have expectations, you have pressure to make things work. By remaining present on the date and not thinking ahead to other dates, you'll actually have more fun, which gives the date a much better chance of being successful. The reason why so many dates go south is because you're thinking ahead during the date. In reality, though, all a woman wants is you being present and engaged in the moment with her. She wants the real you, not the "playing it safe" version of you.
5. Don't worry about the goodnight kiss. After a good first date, guys feel like they have to "seal it with a kiss." Guys will start thinking about the goodnight kiss the entire last part of the date. It's like it's the 4th quarter of a football game and they're planning their comeback, when what they should be doing is just enjoying the play-by-play. When you walk her to her car, just give her a hug or a little kiss on the cheek or lips. Women love foreplay, and they love to be left wondering about that passionate kiss they will have with you.
6. Follow up with a second date. If you had a good time and she had a good time, then why leave her in suspended animation? Ask her out for a second date at the end of the first date. Ask her to do something you both talked about enjoying on the first date. That way, when she goes home and does the play-by- play with her friends, she's going to say that you're one of the few guys who didn't leave her wondering what she did right or wrong on that first date. You will stand out among all the "other guys" she's met.
Remember that women love romantic comedies. They are always looking for that serendipitous moment where a man just knows things about her and takes her to her favorite coffee shop without even having to ask her which one that is. You want to be the leader, not the follower. You want to lead her on a romantic journey.
نگارش در تاريخ یکشنبه بیست و دوم شهریور 1388 توسط مهدي
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